"How to Beat the Casinos at their own Game "

By Caterina Christakos

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Many of us fly to Vegas or Atlantic City when we get the urge to gamble. Some times we win, most times we lose. Ever wonder why?

Yes, everyone knows that the house has slightly better percentages than the players but that is not the main reason why they come out ahead.

Here are the real reasons that people lose at land based casinos:

  1. Free alcohol - your reasoning is dulled and you start making stupid mistakes
  2. Scantily clad women - the casino uses these women to distract you.
  3. The ringing of the slots and the cheering of the crowds - This gives you a false sense of hope. If all of those bells are ringing, somebody must be winning. Why not you?
  4. The lighting - the casino deliberately creates an atmosphere where time is meaningless. Have you ever noticed that there are no clocks? This keeps you playing longer than you would have if you could see day turn to night.
  5. Oxygen - many casinos pump in oxygen to give you a bit of a buzz so you can play longer

The advantages of an online casino:

  1. No alcohol. You can choose not to go to the fridge and get that beer. You also don't have anyone pushing it on you.
  2. You can shut off the sound on your computer. Without the sounds, you are less likely to allow your emotions to run wild. You will also think a lot clearer when betting.
  3. No scantilly clad women. You can shut off the tv, and radio and tell your girlfriend or boyfried to put some clothes on.
  4. Most of us have windows so we can watch time pass. More importantly, you should wear a watch and preplan how long you will spend gambling on each round. You can also keep an eye on your funds. No need to count chips. The screen tells you how much you have won or lost.

For all of these reasons and more, gambling online makes more sense and gives you a better chance of adding to your billfold. Just remember, once you have reached your predetermined win - log off and get out of the house! That way you will actually keep your winnings and watch them deposited straight into your bank account.


Caterina Christakos is a freelance travel writer and published author. For more tips on how to improve your gambling performance go to: http://www.black-jack-the-internet-casino.com.

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