" Field & Sales Force Efficiency With Mobile Apps "

By Sayantan Sengupta


The difficulties in tracking the field activities of the sales staff often create an issue of trust deficit between the management and those employees of a company. It is also quite inefficient to see a field staff return from a distant client meeting and send him to visit another client in the same area.

A good field force tracking and reporting software helps to keep a track of the person’s whereabouts and allows him to operate more efficiently by showing client addresses and locations as well as updates from the HO.

Report to work from anywhere

Some of the companies still use their old, grey attendance log book and their sales teams have to come all the way to the office, just to ink their presence. This is very wasteful of time and energy.

An app for field optimization and tracking can be the easy solution. It allows the sales-employees to punch-in to work from the location of their on-field assignment.

Submission of the activity report from anywhere, anytime

The out-dated Excel format may not be an authentic way to provide a proper DAR (Daily Activity Report) of the sales team. In this age of information, the HR department and the team leader also should have a more frequent update of the sales team activities.

With a field force optimization app, the out-sales employees can submit the follow up reports to their team and managers in a real time mode. They can even produce the report after each and every meeting with their clients.

Navigate the exact meeting destination

It is a very common problem for a sales person to find out the exact meeting location at once. Sometimes, they roam for hours in search of the location. Such an inconvenience kills the enthusiasm, energy and time of sales personnel.

A good helper app can provide a real time visual map, pin-pointing the exact location of the client’s office. It makes the navigation to the meeting destination simpler and faster.

Transparency in expense reimbursements

Sales force optimisation apps may also offer the opportunity to submit the expense claims directly from the field. As the sales team remains linked with the team manager, the reimbursement claim process can be smoother and faster.

FieldSense is an intuitive and simple mobile app along with a powerful web-based dashboard that come together to form a powerful sales force tracking, monitoring and reporting system. This app provides several services like customer address management and real-time context specific communication services.