"Chip Shots With Bad Lies"

By Tim Peightal, PGA Professional


Here is a suggestion for hitting those chips that seem to be in a bad lie. Let's say the ball is sitting down in a slight depression close to the green. Remember if the ball fits in the hole the club will too. Take an 8 or 9 iron and set the club down on its toe. Get the shaft as vertical as you can,you will be standing close to the ball and very up right. By doing this you will reduce the drag of the club.You want to strike the ball with the toe of the club. Now go ahead and use your putting stroke. The loft of the club will pop the ball out low and then it will run like a putt. This is a safe shot. Remember when you have a bad lie play the safest shot you can to give yourself a chance to make the next shot.

This shot works well when the ball is up against the fringe or from hard pan.The putter may not be the club for this shot because of the design, you can't always get the putter on the ball cleanly.

Options are a wonderful thing when your playing golf. The more options you have for any given shot the more chances you have to save par.


Tim Peightal is the owner of the Summit Golf School in Daytona Beach Florida, Director of Golf at Pelican Bay Country Club and the owner of Summit Golf Learning Center.

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