"Social Security Disability Claim: Who Can Avail?"

By Marlon D. Ludovice


Whenever we hear of the phrase “social security”, the words benefits or claim is always attached to it. Almost everyone is thinking about what they can get from social security benefits. But before anything else, we have to remember there are certain qualifications to be able to avail the social security claim. So the question now is who can really avail of the said claim?

It is said that social security disability is available to anyone who suffers mental or physical disability as long as the claimant have worked for a certain number of years and until a certain age. However, there are more considerations that should be followed that may vary for everyone. That’s why it is necessary to have an individual knowledge of the eligibility that will be applicable for your case.

Social security disability is a program that is available to people who for the reason of physical or mental incapability cannot and is unable to perform certain tasks. Depending on each condition, individuals can file for different types of disability claims. The person with physical disability is possibly eligible for the claim depending on the degree of disability. The Social Security Administration usually makes decisions based on several criteria and not all with physical disabilities are granted the claim.

Social security representatives technically make decision on things such as how long an individual has been disabled, how old that person is, what type of work they were in before the disability, and how badly the person is disabled. Persons with mental disabilities are also eligible for Social security disability. Those afflicted with schizophrenia and other such mental illnesses have been awarded disability claims.

No matter how eager we are to avail of the benefits of the social security, whether disabled physically or mentally, not all will be eligible for a claim. That’s why it is important to have a lawyer that will represent you in your application especially to those who suffer from disabilities. It is always the best interest to hire an attorney before you file a claim, just to ensure you have all the proper information in order. For all we know the Social Security Administration is very strict in turning down disabled workers, even though their condition might be quite serious, due to mishandled paperwork or an oversight by a clerk.

If you have not yet hired the services of an attorney in filing a disability claim, then it's strongly advisable that you hire one upon receiving notice from the Social Security Administration that your initial application for disability benefits has been denied.

With a lawyer representing you, the chances of receiving benefits significantly improve. Remember, that lawyers know the system better than anyone else, including you.


Marlon D. Ludovice

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