" Why Invest In Mutual Funds? "

By Somdev Mukherjee


Mutual funds are much sought after nowadays as worthwhile places for making investments in. You may be wondering about the reasons for its popularity. Well, there are a number of reasons why making investments in mutual funds is held as a wise decision.

  1. These programs are characterized by simplicity. There is the requirement of simply depositing 10 percent of the monthly income every month.
  2. You can get mutual funds that seem ‘tailor-made’ to suit your particular requirements. You can go over the lot of information available about the various mutual funds on offer and make a judicious choice.
  3. Even with less than $1000 you can make an investment in mutual funds and in case the mutual fund is set up for automatic deposits then with only $50 it can be started.
  4. Just a small fee is to be paid for hiring a good fund manager- a professional and you are ensured of a profitable deal with mutual funds. All the researching, selection and monitoring of individual stocks is done on your behalf by the professional hired.
  5. Spreading of investments across a wide range of companies and industry sectors i.e. diversification is crucial for ensuring lower risk of investment. After all, it is never good to put all your eggs in one basket. Ownership of mutual funds helps achieve this objective better than ownership of individual stocks or bonds.
  6. Redemption of shares at current Net Asset Value (NAV) together with any fees or charges assessed on redemption as per convenience is another special advantage you get if you invest in mutual funds.
We guess these are reasons enough for you to unhesitatingly opt for investing in mutual funds. There are thousands of mutual fund programs available today. You can certainly secure a suitable one from among them and enjoy the many benefits/gains that it will confer to you.


Somdev Mukherjee is a Kolkata (India) based writer of articles, short stories, poems and web content related to finance, mortgage, debt consolidation, insurance, laws and other topics of interest.

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